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Hubner Photonics – Cobolt
Matin Durrani
The cosmological constant has been a thorn in the side of physicists for decades. Originally introduced by Albert Einstein to account for a universe that was then thought to be static, these days the constant represents the energy density of empty space.

Trouble is, the theoretical and experimental values of the constant are 120 orders of magnitude apart. That massive discrepancy is, however, prompting a new generation of cosmologists to tackle what Einstein once dubbed his "biggest blunder".
Find out more in this great in-depth feature by science writer Rob Lea.

Matin Durrani, editor-in-chief, Physics World


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The Immersive Photonics Lab from ALPhANOV

Virtual reality enables photonics learning

The Immersive Photonics Lab from ALPhANOV is an innovative training tool that engages trainees in a virtual reality photonics lab. The immersive learning environment helps participants to master the professional and technical know-how they need for their role, whether they are new to the industry or learning to use a new piece of equipment.

The virtual reality application faithfully reproduces physical phenomena and enables fast and effective development of procedural skills, whether in industrial or educational settings. The tool emulates all the equipment needed to train professionals and students, without risk of injury or damaging valuable optical components.

Sources deliver polarization-entangled photons for quantum research

Sources deliver polarization-entangled photons for quantum research

OZ Optics has expanded its product line for quantum photonics. It now offers two sources of polarization-entangled photons for applications in quantum sensing, quantum communication, and quantum computing, and with both source types, OZ can now produce high-quality polarization entanglement throughout the near-infrared and short-wave infrared frequency bands.

The EPS-1000 is an all-fibre generator of broadband polarization-entangled photon pairs. The EPG-1000 series of crystal-based polarization entangled photon sources have been designed to meet the diverse phase-matching needs of the quantum R&D community.

Upgrade boosts SuperK performance and reliability

Upgrade boosts SuperK performance and reliability

The SuperK FIANIUM series of supercontinuum lasers from NKT Photonics offers the highest efficiency of any on the market, as well as the highest power in the visible range. Newly upgraded electronics and improved fibre technology have boosted performance and reliability still further, while also making the lasers even easier to use.

SuperK lasers deliver high-brightness diffraction-limited light over the entire 390–2400 nm range, providing single-mode, broadband collimation at high power. The modular design achieves power levels of up to 2 W at visible wavelengths and a total output power of up to 6.5 W.



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